Seretide-AccuhalerAn Accuhaler is a circular plastic inhaler that is available with a number of different medicines. It is a dry powder inhaler, with a counter to show how many doses are left.  

You need to be able to breathe in quick and deep to use an Accuhaler, so it’s not suitable for young children.  

How to look after an Accuhaler 

  • Avoid breathing into the Accuhaler. 
  • Keep it closed when not in use. 
  • Never wash the device, always keep it clean and dry. 
  • Wipe the mouthpiece with a clean, dry tissue or cloth. 
  • Do not shake. 

How can I tell when the Accuhaler is empty? 

There are 60 doses of the medicine in an Accuhaler. A dose counter on the side of the Accuhaler will show you how many doses remain.