A Turbuhaler is a rocket-shaped inhaler that is available for use with a number of different medicines. It has a counter to show how many doses are left.  

You need to be able to breathe in strongly and deeply so it’s not suitable for young children. 

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How to look after a Turbuhaler  

  • Avoid breathing into the Turbuhaler.   
  • Keep cap on when not in use.  
  • Never wash the device. Always keep it clean and dry.  
  • Wipe the mouthpiece with a clean dry tissue.  
  • Do not shake. 

How can I tell when a Turbuhaler is empty?  

The indicator on the side of the device will either highlight the doses left in the device (Bricanyl, Symbicort and Oxis) or appear as a red mark to indicate that it is nearly empty (Pulmicort).  

You will need to check regularly to see if the red mark has appeared in the window, or how many doses remain. 

Turbuhaler Notes 

To load a dose, it is very important to hold the Turbuhaler upright when you are twisting the base. If you don’t hold it upright, you will not get the dose.

The rattling you hear when you shake the Turbuhaler is the drying agent built into the coloured base of the Turbuhaler and is not the medicine.