EasyhalerAn Easyhaler is a dry-powder inhaler that is available for use with a number of different medicines.

You need to be able to breathe in strongly and deeply, so it’s not suitable for very young children. 

How to look after an Easyhaler:  

  • Keep dust cap and protective plastic case on when not in use.  
  • Avoid breathing into the Easyhaler.   
  • Clean the Easyhaler mouthpiece at least once a week with a dry cloth. Do not use water: the powder in the Easyhaler is sensitive to moisture.

How can I tell when an Easyhaler is empty?   

The inhaler has a dose counter which shows how many doses are left. The counter turns after every fifth dose. 

  • When the numbers go red, there are 20 doses left.
  • When the counter reaches 0, you need to replace the Easyhaler.

Easyhaler Notes

To load a dose, it is very important to shake the Easyhaler first. This is to make sure the powder flows properly and gives the correct dose.

When you are putting it back into its protective cover, put the dust cap on the mouthpiece first to stop it going off accidentally.

If you click the inhaler by accident, or if you have clicked it more than once, or if you breathe out into it, tap the mouthpiece to empty the powder onto a tabletop or the palm of your hand. This ensures you will get the correct dose.