An Ellipta is a box-shaped inhaler with a counter on the front. Slide the cover down until you hear a ‘click’. The ‘click’ tells you the dose is now loaded and ready for you to breathe in.  

You will need to breathe in this medicine quickly and deeply. 

How to care for your Ellipta device  

  • Before first use, the Ellipta must be removed from the foil packaging.  
  • The Ellipta must be used within a month of opening. Write the date the inhaler should be discarded on the label in the space provided. The date should be added as soon as the inhaler has been removed from the foil  
  • Avoid breathing into the Ellipta.
  • Never wash the device. Always keep it clean and dry and closed when not in use. 
  • Wipe the mouthpiece with a clean, dry tissue to clean.  
  • Do not shake. 

How can I tell when an Ellipta is empty?  

  • There are 30 doses of medication in an Ellipta.  
  • Every time you open the device (by sliding the cover down until you hear it click), a dose is loaded. If you close the cover without inhaling the medication the dose is lost.  
  • A dose counter on the front of the device will show you how many doses remain.